Why you should use Auto Transportation Company vs. driving your own car?

Recent studies designed to identify major stress factors in people’s lives have discovered that nearly a quarter of those people surveyed indicated that moving was more stressful than starting a new job, having a baby, or getting married. Between the cost, separation anxiety, and hassles, moving takes a physical and emotional toll that is difficult to ignore or surmount. Respondents noted that a fifth of them suffered anxiety or depression, while 10% reported hair loss and 15% acknowledged having short term memory loss resulting from the stress associated with moving.
Towards lessening those effects, experts recommend taking the anxiety out of the move through proactive logistical planning. One area in which movers can take the uncertainly out of a move is by shipping their vehicles to the new location via an auto transport company.

There are a number of situations in which enlisting the services of a certified auto transport company is preferable to driving their own car to their new home. Whether it’s a family or an individual, moving across state or across the country, there are inherent benefits to delegate the moving of a vehicle to a professional car moving company.

Who should consider using an Auto Transport Company?
Shipping a vehicle is a viable option for students, active military personnel, those with more than one vehicle, Snowbirds, or anyone who is looking at a move and is not looking forward to making the drive themselves.

Students can reach their destination on campus rested, relaxed, and ready to go, while members of the military can arrive at their duty post secure in the knowledge that their vehicle has been safely delivered to their new location.
Snowbirds, those retirees who head to warmer climes as the thermometer dips, can take advantage of this type of service as well. Retirees can fly to their destination and have full use of a vehicle during the winter months. Or, they can head out in an R.V. in search of adventure and warmth. However, operating an R.V. can become cumbersome and expensive. An alternative is to have their economy compact car awaiting their arrival for getting around town without expending three gallons of gas per mile.

Advantages of utilizing an Auto Transport Company for moving
Nobody needs to be told that driving across country is an expensive proposition. Beyond the costs associated with long distance travel, such as high gas prices, toll roads, bridge fees, hotels, food, and the other assorted costs that the road can throw at travelers; driving long distances can take an expensive toll on the vehicle itself. Additionally, understanding that time is money, oftentimes it’s to the advantage of the driver to arrive on site much quicker than a road trip can accommodate.

Expert tips on hauling a vehicle:
In general, the traveler will also need to be made aware of the steps required by the auto transport company to ready the vehicle for pick-up and transport. Specifically, car owners will need to ensure that there are no obvious fluid leaks, the battery is fully secured within its bracket, any antennas have been retracted or removed, and the car is clean for an adequate inspection. Also, they will want to disable any alarms, and remove all personal items and any electronic components that are not built into the car. For that next move, there are many reasons to decide that shipping a vehicle is a better alternative to driving it. With a little research, drivers are discovering that there are a myriad of advantages as well.