Why Celebrities use ABC Auto Shipping to Move their cars?

Are you moving across the country? Have you sold a car that needs to be transported from Point A to Point B? Vehicle owners are faced with the question of how to transport their cars safely to their new destinations. It can be challenging finding an auto shipping company that you can trust to transport your vehicle. Your best bet is to work with a company that even the rich and the famous would choose. Here’s a closer look at why celebrities make the decision to move their cars with ABC Auto Shipping.

We’ve got experience

For over 20 years, we’ve been providing the highest quality auto shipping services to vehicle enthusiasts in all walks of life. From celebrities to everyday Joes, we have the knowledge, passion, and experience to properly care for your vehicle – no matter where you’re shipping it. It is because of this that entertainment celebrities like Josh Stamberg (“Drop Dead Diva”, “Fracture”, and others) and Jackson Hurst (“Drop Dead Diva”, “The Tree of Life”, “The Mist” and others) come to us for all of their vehicle transportation needs.

We care about our clients and their cars

Would you entrust your vehicle with a dirty, rude driver? Of course you wouldn’t. Although some auto shipping companies see the task of moving cars as nothing more than a job, we are passionate about vehicles and are happy to treat both you and your car with the tender loving care you deserve. Need some extra convincing? Here’s what “The Dukes of Hazzard’s Catherine Bach had to say about our customer service after moving the “General Lee” 1969 Dodge Charger:

“Your driver was very nice and I look forward to speaking with you again in the future”.

Our customers and celebrity clientele are always more than happy to offer ringing endorsements about the quality of our customer care because we offer the very best. Don’t settle for sub-standard services by people who don’t care about you or your valuable vehicle.

We get the job done right

Your car should never arrive at its final destination with scrapes or dings. At ABC Auto Shipping, we are very serious about protecting the integrity of your vehicle. That’s why we offer our clients two options for moving their cars. Some customers prefer to select an open auto carrier for transporting their cars from Point A to Point B. This is the most economical choice, especially if you are moving more than one vehicle. Open carriers can move five to ten cars per load with each vehicle always given the attention and care that it needs to be moved safely.

If you’re worried about the elements affecting your vehicle, you may want to opt for an enclosed truck transport. Regardless of what you select, however, your cars, boats, motorcycles, etc. will be completely secure and protected throughout the move. Our customers can attest to that fact. After moving her car from New Jersey to LA and back, comedian, writer and actress, Harriet Rose told us:

“I give ABC Auto Shipping a thumbs up and will be using them the next time I move my car”.

It’s clear that even our famous customers have such great faith in us that they would recommend us to their friends and would choose to work with us again in the future.

The time and money that you’ve invested in caring for your car shouldn’t be diminished because an under-qualified shipping company didn’t deliver. If you want to ensure sure that your vehicle is fully protected during transport, be sure to choose the name that celebrities count on: ABC Auto Shipping.