What To Look For in a Car Transportation Service

In this mobile society, individuals often have to relocate quickly. This often means that there isn’t time to drive one’s car hundreds or thousands of miles to one’s new home. For those who need to find car transportation services, there are several things to look for in a good company. Here are a few of the most important ones.

Reasonable Price

The first thing a customer should look for in a vehicle Transportation Company, is a reasonable price. In order not to break the bank but still get quality service; it’s important to get quotes from several companies. However, movers should keep in mind that the lowest price isn’t always the best option, especially if the lowest price is substantially lower than the average for the area. Most companies have similar expenses; an exceptionally low quote may mean the company is cutting corners.

Good Reviews

Another thing a mover need to look for when investigating car transportation services is reviews. Customers can always ask the company itself for references, but they can also find valuable information on the internet. The Better Business Bureau website provides valuable information, as can reviews posted on Google Places and Yahoo Local and www.transportreviews.com and www.customerlobby.com . With the latter option, however, it’s important to look for trends and not write off the company because of a single (possibly unreasonable) customer.


Another important thing all movers should look for in car transportation services is quality insurance coverage. This protects the customer against financial loss should something go wrong. Though car transportation services companies are required to maintain a minimum level of coverage, it’s not unheard of for policies to lapse. Customers should call the company’s insurer to confirm coverage.

Deposit Rather than Payment Up Front

Car transportation services companies vary in the payment schedules they use. As a general rule, it’s a good idea to go with companies that require a deposit rather than payment in full up front. Though rare, it’s not totally unheard of for a moving company to disappear after payment, or to change prices after they have custody of the customer’s property.

Clear Fine Print

Moving one’s car can be expensive, and the wise customer will always read the fine print before he or she signs anything. It’s important that whatever contract the car transportation services company provides is clear and easy to understand. Movers should request clarification in writing if any contract terms are vague or otherwise unclear.