5 Best Ways to Transport your Exotic Car

When it comes to a valuable possession, there are certain practices that must be implemented to maintain that possession.  You wouldn’t trust just anyone with your valuables.  So, why cut corners when it’s time to transport your exotic car?  If you think transporting your exotic car or classic vehicle is going to be a headache, think again.  There are many methods of transport for you to choose from to get your car from point A to point B when you simply cannot do it yourself.  Here are five of the best ways to transport your exotic car.

  • Cargo Container:  A cargo container, also known as a freight container, is a steel box that is used to safely and securely ship materials around the globe.  In most cases, cargo containers are reusable.  These containers can be transported via ship overseas, or by truck or rail.  This method of transport is great for international travel.  Cargo containers vary in size between eight to fifty six feet.  The cost will depend on the vehicle’s destination and the size of the cargo container.
  •  Enclosed Truck:  Although this method may be a more costly approach, it may be well worth it for your exotic car.  An enclosed truck will protect your car from the elements and other possible mishaps that can occur during transport.  You can have more peace of mind with your exotic car safely secured behind a locked lift gate away from the dangers of road debris, vandalism and theft.  Many car transport companies specialize in exotic and classic vehicle transport and consequently, offer enclosed carrier transport service.
  •  Open-Air Truck:  As the most popular mode of transport for cars, this is typically the less expensive approach for auto transport.  If you’ve ever seen a bunch of new cars stacked on a trailer, then you know how your exotic car will be transported.  If you choose this method of transport, be sure to inquire about the details of the planned transport of your car.  In most cases, these types of shippers will make frequent stops to drop off and pick more cars on their route.
  •  Enlist the help of a friend or non-professional driver:  If you are looking for big savings on the transport of your exotic car, this is your best option.  Ask a friend to lend a hand and drive your car to its destination.  It would be best to choose a responsible person who has a good driving record and a current license.  If you’re daring, you could also post an ad to hire a student or someone looking to make some extra cash to move your car.  Always get detailed background information about anyone you hire to do any work for you, no matter how big or small the job.  You wouldn’t want the transport of your vehicle to turn into a high speed chase!
  •  Hire a professional:  Want to feel more secure about who’s behind the wheel of your exotic car?  Go ahead and spend a few extra dollars to have a professional driver transport your car.  There a few professional driving services to choose from.  Do your research to find which one matches your budget and transport needs.  Some companies will even allow you to have personal belongings or pets in the vehicle during the transport.

Whenever you decide to transport your vehicle, always remember to check and verify that you have adequate insurance for the current value of your vehicle.  If you are using a transport company, check their cargo liability insurance coverage in case of an accident or misfortune.  You want to make sure that their insurance will cover the value of your vehicle.  Be sure to furnish the necessary insurance paperwork when you hire someone to drive your car long distance.